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What is MgO board?

Boards with magnesium oxide commonly called „MgO boards” from the chemical symbol of magnesium „Mg” and oxygen „O” are manufactured as a building boards with wide application. The base material is a natural magnesium oxide - type of mineral cement.

By MgO board, we usually  mean something between gypsum board and cement board, but in fact it has got much more improved quality, being  changing atmosphere conditions, mildew and fungus resistant, fireproof and ect. It is a wide functional product in building, to use as a cladding interior walls and celings, elevation, soffit roof and floor base. Because of it’s implementation, MgO board is produced in many thickness and sizes, as well in many structures of surface. From really smooth to porous and in natural colours. From white, through beige to grey. While knocking it has deep, hard sound, as portland cement. Board is produced in Asia, where is over 70% of world’s resouces of magnesium oxide. On our building market it is mostly unknown, but looking on worldwide producing of building boards, it promises a good future.

What enters in composition of MgO boards?

In it’s compositon enters mostly fossil character of magnesium oxide MgO, kind of magnesium cement, cellulose fiber, perlie and other ingredients improving it's quality. Whole board is improved from both sides by fiberglass mesh.

In the reaction of magnesium meal and addition with water it creates a plastic mass, which is manufactured into the boards - similar to how it is made with beton mass. MgO boards do not contain asbestos and other harmful fibers and heavy metals.