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The properties

  • Fireproof
    FireproofBoards are marked as a fireproof (have fireproof level A1 - nonflammable)
  • Soundproofing
    SoundproofingThe acustic isolation of board of thickness 10 - 12 mm is close to 40 dB,which is really good soundproofing of outside noise and makes high acustic comfort in rooms. To compare to a board in close thickness for example: gypsum boards have insulation 30 dB, and OSB boards 18 dB.
  • Waterproof
    WaterproofBoard do not loose their parameters after a contact with water, it is suitable for an outdoor finish.The maksimum water absorbtion of magnesium board according to PN EN 12467 it is 15%. Board do not loose their parameters even, after a long term wetting, it does not swell. It can be used in wet rooms and outdoor after paiting an adjusted paint.
  • Resistant to freezing
    Resistant to freezingDoes not changes it dimensions after freezing in –20OC
  • Resist for wet and fuldow
    Resist for wet and fuldowMicroorganisms do not grow on board.Humidity does not impact on growth of microorganisms on MgO board, because a high basicity of pH 12 in 100% restricts development of mold, mite and fungus and is not consumed by redents.
  • Good quality thermal isolation
    Good quality thermal isolationCoefficients of thermal resistance of lambda in tested samples  is 0,169 W/(m x K) Coefficients conduction of heat ƛ for magnesium boards is 0,169 W/(m x K). Compire this quality with plasterboard (0,29), OSB (,33) and cement board (0,40) shows , that it is a material with a high quality thermal isolation.
  • Resist for damaging
    Resist for damagingThe hard surface strength is over 20 MPa..Floor made from MgO board has got a surface strength coresponding to the hardness of beton B20. Board has got a high mechanical strength for cacking - while dry > 8 MPa, after wetting > 7 MPa.
  • Lekka
    Light The right weightness is just a 9,5 - 10 g/cm3 (1sqm board of 10 mm thickness are only 10 kg)The lightness is made by a special material, which is not only light magnesium oxide, but a pelite as well. It is really important for the constructor, because the comparible thick of cementboard is about 50% heavier.
  • Dimensionally stable
    Dimensionally stableDimensional devations are less than 0,1%Independently of atmosphere conditions, in which magnesium board is used, dimensions are changeless. In board (244 x  122 cm) length changing dimension is < 2 mm, and in width < 1 mm
  • Environment friendly
    Environment friendlyThe Board is made only of natural materialsThe Board is made only of natural materials, like magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphide, perlite (volcanic glass), wood fibers. Interesting fact is that the magnesium oxide has a wide application - from medicine, through gardening to building. While producing it consumes a small amount of energy - there is no burning process, as in the case of cement. Waste does not pollute the environment.

Fireproofness of our board is shown in movie below.